This course will help you to understand and implement a Facebook marketing strategy. Whether you are brand new to Facebook marketing or have done some marketing in the past this course will be of tremendous benefit. Whether you have a product, an idea or simply require a platform to get more visibility, having a Facebook page is a great start. However, if you only have your friends and family as members it will be tough to get your message to the masses. More followers mean higher visibility, and higher visibility means more interest and potentially more sales!Over the course of 4 hours you will acquire the knowledge that took more than 6 months to learn. The instructor has tried and tested many of the marketing times, approaches and implemented several strategies, and will demonstrate these in this course. Using video screencasts of the actual Facebook Page – The Secrets to Wealth you will see exactly what he has done to increase his following from literally 1 follower to more than 18,437 followers!You will learn what has worked well, what hasnt worked well. You will learn the marketing terminology so that you can walk away with a clear understanding of all the terms used. In the section on marketing your page you will have the opportunity to create your very own marketing campaign, or, simply watch exactly how it is done. You will learn how to track and understand the results from your marketing, as well as learn how to manage your advertising budget. Having all this knowledge should remove your fear to market your Facebook page and give you the confidence to get your message to reach more people, to get more likes and to increase your Facebook followers engagement. The instructor will check questions on a daily basis and respond as soon as possible, likely within 48 hours but by latest within the week. Now is the time for you to start building your platform, to grow your reach and to increase the level of your followers engagement. More people in time could mean more money for you, your business or your product!