How I get on TV shows and have become a Celebrity!



Former CIA Officer Jason Hanson has been on Shark Tank, Fox & Friends, NBC Today Show, Rachael Ray, Dateline, Harry Connick Jr. and many more.Once Jason cracked the code for getting on TV and becoming a celebrity, he took his once struggling business that was making only $20,000 a year and turned it into a multi-million dollar company. In this game-changing celebrity training, Jason reveals…–The proven strategy how Jason gets TV appearances in 30 days or less.–The simple 179-word email Jason uses for getting booked on local morning shows. Just copy, paste and send. (Jason has been on San Diego Living, Good Things Utah, and Fox 11 in Los Angeles, to name a few.)–The absolute best way to generate income the day your TV appearance airs.–The single most important thing you must do before you decide to go on TV. (Jason gives you exactly what to do so your website will be flooded with customers.)–The core secret behind Jason’s amazing success on TV.–Six killer strategies that turn each TV appearance into a continuous stream of income.–Three factors to ensure you get booked on the same show multiple times. (Jason has been on the Rachael Ray Show over 9 times, Harry Connick Jr. over 5 times, and numerous morning shows like, Good Morning Arizona, multiple times.) –The magic phrase to say to producers that will have them enthusiastically asking what day next week you can appear on their show.–Little-known preparation tips for crushing your segment like a seasoned pro. (Youll look like youve been doing it for years, even if its your first appearance in front of the camera.)–How to calculate how profitable an appearance is so you know which shows to go back on and which shows not to waste your time on.–Why you never want to include an attachment in an email you send to a TV producer. This is a surefire way not to get booked on their show.–How Jason uses his vacations to get quick publicity in someplace he’s already heading anyways. –The proven phone script to use that almost guarantees youll get booked on a show. (This works even when you leave a voicemail.)–And much, much more.