Testimonials”This course saved my business, I am having to turn clients away now.” – Margo B.”I had just started my business, and didn’t know where to start, now I am thriving, thank you!” -Aurora L.”My retreats are full, Ican’t thank you enoughfor this course! Ilove my repeat customers too” – Shellie C.”Inever knew I could be so successful with meal prep, thanks for helping me realize my potential!” -Amy D.AboutWellness is now a three trillion dollar industry and there isno shortage of opportunity to bring higher levels of wellbeing into the world.Whether you are working with clients, customers, students or patients, this course teaches youhow tomaintainthe quicksuccess of yourwellness business by ensuring a steady flow of happy, soulfulwellness customers. We will dive deep into three phases of success through: ideal client identification, client attraction and marketing, and customer satisfaction and retention. These three areas are crucial to your continued growth asyou reach the success you deserve for sharing your vision of wellbeing with the world.What you will learn:This course is a six-module step-by-step self study that walks you through:1. Creating client profile examples for all of your potential dream clients so that you know exactly know who wants your product, services, or events.2. Building a set of inspiring brand standards that speak directly from your heart – compelling your dream clients to work with you.3. Developing a client attraction strategy that you can re-use day-after-day to keep more clients coming4. Mastering the art of the client journey, or client nurturing process, on the way to your dream client’s decision to work with you5. Developing a customer service and client benefits program that will ensure you can continue to share your wellbeing with your new clients year-after-year