Are you a new stepmom, about to become a stepmom, or are an old hand at stepmothering but still find yourself angry, bewildered, shut-out, blamed, spent, abused, and wondering what, if anything, you did wrong? If so, this course is for YOU. Taught by 21-year stepmom veteran, Kathy Hammond, author of the award-winning book, The Road to N: A remarkable little tale about getting what you want by giving up just one little thing, and President of Reach! Life Design, Inc., a life strategy company, this course offers up some best-practice tips for new and tenured stepmoms who struggle in this very unique role. Finally, help for stepmoms. Parenting classes abound for bio moms and dads but when it comes to stepmothering, typically, you're on your own. Your education usually comes after years or even decades of navigating the tricky waters of stepmotherhood. Unfortunately, by then, many stepmoms are ready to throw in the towel. With wit, humor, and, in some cases, complete and total seriousness (although, thankfully, not too often), Kathy illuminates some of the potholes you may encounter in your marriage to a man with children and offers ways to avoid these potholes or, if you're already stuck in one, some good ways to get out. The ‘How to be a Stepmom: 51 Ways to Save Your Marriage, Your Shirt, and Your Sanity’ course will save you years of agony, despair, heartache, frustration, and money; in fact, it could save you BIG money if your intended/husband and his ex tend to resolve their issues before a judge. Over the course of 13 lectures and 51 powerful lessons, completed at your own pace, you will learn: How a little bit of empathy and thoughtful counsel can potentially minimize or eliminate your husband’s court appearances How to keep your personal financial information private and shielded from any child support legal actions How reading your fiancé’s visitation and support orders before the nuptials can save you a lot of frustration down the road The best way to handle your husband’s legal tussles and potentially save thousands of dollars in legal missteps How one simple act may keep your husband out of court for child support increases and save you thousands, if not tens of thousands, in legal fees The best way to guide your husband in managing his attorney and their invoices for maximum results in child support/custody issues What your husband can and should expect from an attorney in child support/custody/visitation issues How to deal with your stepkids’ maternal relatives, even when they are unpleasant What to do about your in-law’s allegiance to the “ex” and kids versus you or your husband How to handle stepkid discipline so you will always been seen as the good guy What to watch for with your fiancé and his kids before you get married How the ex’s life choices can impact your life The best ways to deal with a contentious, combative, and demanding ex-wife The best ways to deal with disrespectful stepkids How little time exchanges with the kids can strengthen your husband’s case for a custody change or reduction in child support How keeping a calendar can alter the trajectory of an ex’s frequent visitation changes Why discussing inheritance issues early on can save everyone a lot of heartache later on And so much more After you have completed the course, you will feel more in control, objective, centered, assured, and, maybe (fingers-crossed), at peace. If not, simply request your money back within 30 days. Although stepmothering may not be that simple, getting your money back is. BONUS: Students receive The Ultimate Visitation/Time-Sharing Calendar template to keep track of the children's visits. This is a must-have if the ex believes a court-ordered visitation schedule is merely a "suggestion". Calendar template available in-course. Second Bonus: Students also receive 50% off R.E.A.C.H. to Design Your Life course on Udemy, also by Kathy Hammond. Coupon available in-course.