How to be a Theatre Critic in your Hometown in a Weekend


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Make the most of your love of theatre and raise your profile by crafting  reviews to post on your blog or on one of the many theatre review websites in just over an hour.Cheat Sheets help you write your best ever  review and shows you how to gain the right information at every step from scanning websites to showing up to after show talks.The course contains 6 modules that use 5 minute bullet point lectures with fun activities to get you used to the process of putting together reviews in not much time.This course follows you every step of the way from booking the ticket to uploading your first theatre review with ideas on how to go viral. This will be the first of many reviews you write and open up a new window of associates and networks.This course will let you share your love of theatre and bring out the inner writer inside you easily by pleasantly tapping into a social activity you love.