Learn the fundamentals, 18 types of valve, sub-types, components, material, manufacturing, testing, and inspection of Process Piping Valves that you will need to know to work confidently and efficiently with Process Plant Piping in Oil and Gas and Energy industries.Become an expert in valve with this video course that will take your valve knowledge to expert levelEssential of Valves Types and Categories Valve Parts and Materials Body, Bonnet, Trims, etc. Types of Valve 18 types of valve and their sub-types Valve Manufacturing Process, Inspection and Testing Hydro, leakage test, type test, visual & dimension checks, etc. A real-life industrial valve course in online formatSingle Picture speaks a thousand words. Who knows this better than engineers? Every topic of the course is covered with actual photos and sketches to make your learning easier and fast. Quiz at the end of the section will give you an opportunity to check your concept. Classroom course is just too costly for a beginner, and you cannot remember everything in one day. On demand and lifetime access of online course will make your learning easier and comfortable.Process Industry has become a very competitive in the current time. Everyone looks at you as a competitor and the Company wants you to give 200% from the day one. Becoming an expert in the field will increase your chance of success and earn you respect at the workplace.What are you going to learn in 41lectures and 8 Quiz? (All videos with sub-title/closedcaption) The course starts with basic topics of valve and moves toward the advanced concept of the valve. Initial sections cover fundamentals, classification/categorization of valves and different components of the valves such as different types of the valve body, stem, bonnet, actuator and a whole lot of internal and external parts. Equipped with this knowledge you are ready to learn about different types of valve.Core sections of the course cover all the main types of valve used in any process plant piping. You will learn about individual valve types, different types within that category, internal and external components and their specialty in detail. Gate, Globe, Check, Plug, Ball, Butterfly, Needle, Diaphragm and Pinch Valve.You will also learn about Safety and Relief Valve that includes Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) and Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve (PVRV) and Specialty valve such as Through Conduit Gate Valve, pressure seal valve, knife gate valve and double block and bleed valve. Overview of material, manufacturing process and standard & specification will fine tune your knowledge of valve. In Quality Control and Inspection sections, you will learn about shell test, closer test, backseat test, pneumatic and hydro test, fire safe test, cryogenic test, pop-up test and visual, dimensional and marking requirements for individual valve types. You will also learn which standard to use for testing? What are the acceptance criteria? And lots of other details. At the end of the course, your skill and knowledge will make you confident that you can give the lecture on the valve at your workplace and go for inspection and testing at valve manufacturer location even if have not seen the valve earlier.