This Course is about :Ethical HackerPenetration testerWhat is xss?Why xss?Types of xss?What are the different sources of xss?Different context of xss?What is Sql Injection?Different Types of Sql injection.Types of xssPersistent xss (stored xss)Non persistent xss reflected xssDom based xssWe will discuss different xss example according owasp xss.Why xss is so important?What is internet safety?What is network security?COURSE REQUIREMENTS:Nothing just know to run apps on computerHTTP client server Architecture Basics of HTML and JS. Basics of PHP and ASPnetIf you know about some of these things then it will be more beneficial and will be easy for your understanding this course.WHO SHOULD ATTEND?Ethical HackerPenetration testerSecurity ResearcherWeb DeveloperBug HunterHard Worker and If you want to make yourself do somethig