How to be paid to be your self: A guide to personal branding is an invaluable course for people looking monetize simply being them selves. I've built this course around all the lessons I've learnt over the past 9 years whilst building by brand from the ground up.This course is all about creating a strong personal brand that people will pay you just to be yourself. From assessing your web presence to creating free PR opportunities, this course is all about shaping your personal story and brand to become an authority in your chosen area. Designed for those wishing to improve their personal branding, whether self employed, linked to a business or to become an expert in their chosen field, this course brings together and focuses on your individual story and how to make it work for you in such a way that can provide revenue streams. We walk through step by step how to develop your brand effectively, how to promote not only your self, but your brand and your story. I share with you my personal favorite marketing tools and provide exercises to really get you thinking about where you are, where you want to be and more importantly how you're going to get there.We have an in depth look at public speaking and the benefits that can have on your brand, There is key information and advice on becoming a public speaker including an inside point of view from a speaking agency offering some really useful advice. So take the first step to building your brand and being paid to be your self today by enrolling on this course!