Most people think you have to have a lot of money to operate a real estate business. That is just inaccurate. In this course, I will lift the veil and show you how to do one type of real estate that requires little to no money. The type that I am referring to is called wholesaling. The premise of this type of real estate is about finding people that who for one reason of the other must sell their property, they are known as motivated sellers. Often at times, these motivated sellers are distressed as a result of debt, divorce, being an absentee owner, probate, foreclosure, having bad tenant. Regardless of what is causing them to be distressed, they all have one goal to be rescued.In How to Build Wealth with Wholesaling Real Estate I will teach you how to locate these people, evaluate their property, make them an offer, and put their property under contract. Simultaneously you will learn how to locate buyers or other investors and assign a contact to them at a marked up price. In essence, I will show you how to become the middle man between motivated sellers and buyers. You will learn how to coordinate between the two, close the deal, and collect a check. There are some essential documents that must be executed, I will show you what they are and provide a copy to use as an example in crafting your very own, with the help of your attorney. Everything you need to know from initiating a conversation with a motivated seller to showing up at the Title Company at the day of closing to collect your check with be explored. You will leave this course with a clear plan on how to run your own wholesale business from A to Z.This course is about Wholesaling HousesYou Need This Course If You Want:To successfully wholesaleTo acquire skills in real estateTo keep more of your own moneyTo be financially astuteTo enjoy economic freedomTo create a plan for your financesTo become an entrepreneurTo build wealthTo properly protect wholesale business