Do not loose your well-earned profits to eviction! Whether you are renting out one room or an entire building, this course it for you!Many people rent out spare bed rooms or purchase properties to rent out. This can make you passive income or help pay the mortgage. However, if you lease out space, you will eventually have to evict someone. Some Tenants are great, but others will stop paying the rent or damage your property! If this is you then is time to take action!Eviction can be a very expensive, lengthy and aggravating process. This is especially so when you do not know the rules and regulations. Many landlords make costly and time-consuming mistakes when it comes to eviction. This course will guide you through the general eviction process, begging to end, as well as reveal some smart tactics you can use to avoid the whole thing!You can AVOID LOOSING HUNDREDS OF $$$s, a great deal of time, and avoid maddening headaches just by taking this simple course!Get started now!Our instructor for this course is Glenn Brook, He has invested in real estate for 14 years with his wife, Lisa. They have done everything from notes to apartments, self-storage to fix& filps and  have been able to finally retire on the passive income from their investments and want to give back to the world in a small way by creating courses. PowerPoint and video created by Robin Deibel. She supports experts, like you,  get your ideas out in the world in a bigger way. Robin helps you leverage your knowledge by creating courses without you having to take it on all by yourself.