I don’t do marketing”. It’s something that many small business owners quote time and time again, without realizing that every time they engage in conversation about their business that’s exactly what they are doing. No matter who you are talking to, you have the opportunity to emphasis the positives of your business, ultimately increasing your profits.As you are undoubtedly engaging in marketing now and again, thinking about your marketing strategy is a logical next step. By spending some time considering how best to communicate with new and existing clients, you can put some steps into practice that will maximize your sales. This marketing strategy coursewill help you to know what to say to who, and perhaps more importantly when to say it. But what should a successful marketing strategy focus on? 1. Understanding your clientsPutting yourself in the shoes of your clients may sound like something of a clich today, but without understanding exactly what they actually need you will struggle to persuade them that you can meet their requirements. Some simple two-way conversations with existing clients will go a long way toward helping you to understand them, as will your experience in your own market sector, but without some specific and targeted market research you could struggle to glean the information that you need. Successful market research will not only help you to understand the needs and wants of your customer-base, but will also solidify your definition of your target market, allowing you to identify those groups of people that will be interested in what you have to offer. As well as providing you with the knowledge that you need to avoid those segments of the population that simply aren’t interested.2. Realistic objectivesWithout customers you won’t make sales, and without sales you won’t make any profit. As such, your marketing strategy should contain some realistic objectives regarding how best to keep existing clients loyal to your brand, while attracting new customers at the same time. Through this process you will start to realize how best to package what it is that you can offer to your customer-base, be it through the message that you are giving out, through the promotional materials that you may plan to circulate, or any other means of marketing.3. Creating a marketing planIt’s all well and good having a strategy for your marketing success, but without a practical plan designed to put the pieces into action your strategy will fail to see any success. The marketing plan will include all of the detail from the previous two sections, such as information regarding how you plan to go about marketing to existing or new customers. It will also feature very practical bits and pieces, such as budgets for your marketing strategies, and time-frames for their completion. Your marketing plan should certainly deal with the here and now, along with the next few weeks and months, but you should not neglect thoughts of the future when putting it together. Where would you like to see your company in the future? How will you follow up with existing clients to ensure that future vision becomes a reality? Try to make any goals that you set with regard to future, or present, marketing completely achievable. Not only will this prove that your marketing strategies are successful (or not), but it will also provide you with an enormous sense of satisfaction as you see your marketing goals fulfilled.By taking the course, you will be giving yourself the best chance of creating a killer marketing strategy that will work for you, and your business. This will benefit you not just financially, but as a company, your staff and your customers.If you enjoyed and benefited fromthis course (Module 1 of 17 – How To Create a Killer Marketing Strategy) then please let me know as I will sooner release Module 2 – Supercharge Your Internet Marketing.I hope your enjoy the course,All the best,Michael ReynoldsDirector @The UK Entrepreneur LtdEntreprenuerExpress – Offering: Master Marketing + Business Builder Programs.