Do you want to create aLearning Management System(LMS) with WordPress and take advantage of the e-learning revolution ? If yes, then you are in the right place.This course is meant for anyone who wants to create a Learning Management Systemwebsite with WordPress.. There is no experience required. You can do this if you can point and click. The idea is to teach a broad subject like wordpress website creation coupled with a specific outcome through a really specific application of the knowledge like creating a Learning Management System website with wordpress.Learn how to create aLearning Management System(LMS)with wordpress evenif you are a beginner. If you are an intermediate or advanced user of wordpress, you will know the lessons you need to take as the outline has a meaningful learning path and meant to address the beginner as well as the intermediate user. I willtake you by the hand andwe will travel the path together. We will move from the beginner stage to the intermediate and the advanced stages along the course. The process uses the free core version of awordpress plugin andmany of the concepts and ideas for gamification and engagement presented in the coursehave universal application from the perspective of e-learning and online courses. The steps are clearly laid down with walk-throughs so that you can follow along the course and create thedesired outcome.This course is suitable for professionals across verticals who would like to create a learning management system website with wordpress. It is suitable for trainers across industries as well as course curators and aggregators.Here is the course outline to help you plan your learning experience depending on where you are are in your learning journey.1.Introduction2.How To Research And Register A Domain Name For Your Website3.How To Buy Basic Hosting For Your Website4.How To Connect Your Domain To Your Hosting5.How To Create A DataBase In CPanel6.How To Install WordPress And Configure Basic Settings7.How To Install A Theme In WordPress8.How To Install A Plugin In WordPress9.LMS Options In WordPress10.General SettingsFor The LMS Implementation11.How To Create Courses, Sections And Lessons12.Additional Settings To Improve The Value Of Your Course13.How To Set UpThe Sidebar Widgets14.How To Manage Students15.How To Manage Reporting And Analytics16.How To Create Quizzes17.Gamification AndStudent EngagementStrategies18.How To Create Certificates19.How To Create Achievement Badges20.How To Set Up Personalized Emails21.How To Clone, Export And Import Your Courses22.How To Create Course Tracks23.How To Set Up Membership Sections24.Pricing Models And Student Access Plans25.How To Set Up Manual Payments26.How To Create Coupons27.How To Create Vouchers28.How To Use VouchersIn Flipped Classrooms29.How To Use Shortcodes Functionality30.Final Thoughts AndNext StepsAn e-learning revolution is taking place. When you learn, it is growth, When you have the ability to create a Learning Management System (LMS) website with wordpress – everybody learns….and when everybody learns, it is a revolution. Online learning is awesome. You already know it since you are here. Take Action Now ! Lets do this.