How to Deal with Challenging People



Sometimes it seems the world is full of people who annoy you, rub you the wrong way, push your buttons, or just plain frustrate you.I call these peoplechallenging.It might be a co-worker or boss, a neighbor, a friend, or a family member. It might be someone you dont know and may never see again, like the person serving you lunch or servicing your car. However, often the people who challenge you the most are those closest to you, like your kids or your significant other, and since they are in your life daily,learning how to manage these challenges is life changing.Heres the great newslearn three simple steps and you will find yourself in a world where little bothers you. And when it does (because yes, it will) you will have at your fingertips a toolbox of easy-to-use techniques that can take you from annoyed to at peace in literally seconds.Thats right: The next time you run into someone who used to make you fume, your boss is short with you, or the kids make (another) mess in the kitchen, you will find yourself smiling.No matter what the situation:Youcanmove through life with grace and ease.What you will learn:Understand how feelings and emotions create your realitythis will give you the power to change how you experience life!Adopta new way of seeing the world that makes you unbotherable.Learnsome simple energy-shifting techniques that can leave you calm and at peace instead of frustrated next time you encounter a challenging person or situation.Benefits to becoming “unbotherble”: More harmonious relationships Increased sense of calm Less stress, anxiety, & feelings of overwhelm Ability to move through life with grace and ease Increased effectiveness at work and at home More energyand alertness during the day BettersleepWell, what are you waiting for? Lets get started!