This course is for those who wouldlike to understand what makes a web or mobile experience engaging and how to design for it in a systematic way. How to make people take action, come backand stick to your application?This workshop has two parts:1.Duringthefirstpart,weexplorethekeyprinciplesofanengagingdigitalexperience.What do people expect at every touch point with a digital service? How can wemeet these expectations in the most effectiveway? Which engagement and motivational techniques to use?We will dive deeper into theelements of content, branding, usability best practises, visual design, layout, game mechanicsand motivational techniques. Using real examples, we will analyse when and how to use them in the most appropriate way in order to make people to take action, come back, stay and become loyal users of adigital service.2.The second part is more hands-on. Using a real-life case study, we’ll go through the initial phases of the user experience design process. Through 5 hands-on exercises, we will crystallize the product’s idea and turn it into a product sketch.After taking this course, you will:Understand which factors govern the conversion, adoption and retention rates of a digital service. How to identify where the improvements in the experience are needed.Understand the various touch points people have with a digital service (web & mobile) and their expectations at each touch point.Understand how to meet people’s expectations at each of these touch points; which design strategies and techniques to use and how.Know how to crystallize an idea and turn it into a product sketch. What’s the format?The course consists of 19 video lectures.I presented the design strategies and techniques in a structured framework. It will serve you like a system you can easily apply for making any web or mobile experience more engaging for the people. You’ll also find lots of examples from various contexts, which clearly illustrate what makes or breaks an engaging digital experience.And you will practically experience how to crystallize an idea and turn it into a product sketch. A few final notesTogether with my design team at InfinVision, we’ve been designing web and mobile experiences for diverse clients in New York, London,Paris,Dublin,Santiago de Chileover the last 10 years. We have also launched a design-briefing tool My Visual Brief, which helps graphic and web design teams to set the right direction for a design project. The goal of this course is to share this experience with you in a systemized way while helping you to design better digital experiences for the people. Let’s get started!