How to DJ – The Professional Guide



If you have ever dreamed of being a DJ with people dancing to your music and all whilst having the time of your life then this course will show you how.From the bedroom to the hottest clubs, events and mainstage festivals.Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking toenhance your current skillsor a new aspiring DJ looking toget started.Whatever your level of experience, the wisdom in this course is explosive and it is an absolute must to skyrocketing yoursuccess as a DJ.This easy to understand guide will enable you tomaster the essentials of DJing.Including, gear, music, techniques, business, and the industry as a whole. You’ll learn how to research and purchase the best DJ equipment, on your budget.Where to find music, how to smoothly mix music and create solid playlists to rock any dance floor.Plus you will learn how to get paid gigs at parties, clubs, events and so much more!Anybody can be a DJ and if you’ve ever wanted a single book that gives you all the secrets to a successful career as a DJ,then this is that course.