Welcome to this chance to increase and doubleyour sales using psychology and science. Quick question: What will you make extra in profit if you’d double your sales? In a month? In a year? It would be a lot right? I can help you with that, or rather, psychology and research can help you with that.Increase your salesIll teach you easy to apply principles from psychology that helpyou influence people way better and increase your sales! You can apply themin your sales pitch, (online) marketing for your business whether its services or products. I promise you it will have a dramatic effect.”Well you don’t seem super rich, so why should I believe what you’re saying?” True, i’m a teacher, so i’m not a millionaire haha. But that’s why I put an emphasize on psychology andresearch. So you’ll know for a fact what you’ll learn will work.What’s in this course?- You will learn 10 principles to influence your customer better based onpsychology. You can apply,combine and use this to double your sales.- Ill even give easy to relate to examples and practice questions so you know you get it. You don’t have to figure anything out for yourself, just follow the research 🙂 – Practice questions with examples of every principle explained about increasing your sales- If you still have questions, you can ask them in the Q&A area. – If for any chance you don’t like the course you can get your money back guaranteed- You will get discounts for my future coursesAction part1:Good luck with the learning I’d love to know how you will apply the knowledge (please let me know! also feedback is always appreciated)Action part2: Invest in your salesknowledge now! click on the button somewhere on the screen (must be somewhere, right? I just wrote that down :D)Teacher info:This is my first course here (so I really hope you like it, but i’m also still learning in the digital department haha) but I have been a teacher for many years. Before that I was in marketing and sales and I really liked the psychology part of it, but I also wanted to do something more socially involved, so I started teaching. Nowadays I teach all kinds of students (ranging from secondary vocational education to university students) and teachers most of the week, but recently I also founded my part-time company where I apply the research I did (I graduated suma cum laude / with special honours with research onhow to help students study more effectively)to train students in how to ace their study :)Action part3:Enough about me, it’s all about you (if you saw the introvideo, you’re reading double stuff anyway)the more interesting stuff is in the course 😉