Master Drawing Animals, from a Bunny to other Rodents,with me!This Course is suited forDrawing Beginners, either if you want to up your Character and Creature Design skills or to learn some of the basics. With this Drawing Animals Course where we draw a Bunny and other Rodents like Squirrels and Mice, we will cover a lot of different basic Techniques to improve your overall Drawing Skills.We’ll be covering a lot of the Principles of Drawingfrom:Sketchingto Inking to Coloring What do Ineed for the course?For the Course,you’ll need either aPencil and Piece of Paperor aDrawing Tablet with a Drawing Softwareof your choice! Either is fine to use, so just pick theDrawing tool that you feel more comfortable with. Other than that, you’re ready to start!Master Drawing Animals by following step by step instructions.We won’t be giving you a lot of Theory to hear, we believe inImproving by Practicing! So you will be Drawing Animalsfrom the very beginning of this Art Course.I’ll be using Manga Studio /Clip Studiowith my Drawing tablet but you’re free to use whatever you feel more used to, since the important thing to do here is to just practice. Master Drawing a Bunnyand more!What exactly is in the course?You’ll be drawing animals in a very simple step by step way. Not only will you start with base shapes to make the process easier, but you’ll go all the way to inking and coloring these three adorable rodents!We’ll be Covering:the Fuzzy Squirrel;the Fluffy Bunny;the CuteMouse /Pet Rat;Not only will you be drawing animals as cute as these, you’ll be drawing them in several positions!This will help you get a better sense of the volume of these adorable creatures and aid you in drawing these animals in any pose that you’d like.Who is your Instructor?I’m Patricia, a teacher with many years of experience in both traditional drawing and Digital painting. I’ve been working as an illustrator and graphic designer for a long time. Before teaching, I worked with publishing companies, youtubers, twitchers and done freelance commission work for dozens of clients. Nowadays Idedicate myself 100%to helping people like you to improve their drawing skills and become better artists.You’ll have all your questions answered in the course, through personal contact with me, the instructor. I’ll help you become a better artist.This Course is alsosuitable for ChildrenandKidssince we’ll be drawing very family friendly and Cute Cartoon Bunnies and Rodents, a fun subject perfect for a Beginner. (Who doesn’t love Drawing Animals?)At the end of this Art Course you’ll be able to Draw a Bunny and other Rodents that you want in whatever pose you desire by Mastering drawing animals with3 differentMain Poses for each.There’s no risk here!If you’re still not certain if this is the course for you, Ioffer a 30-day 100% Moneyback Guarantee in the first 30 days of purchasing the course – no questions asked.This is a Drawing Course where you’ll be drawing animals step by step and enjoy your time while doing so.Improve Your Art with Fun exercises and Themes!Can’t wait to see you in the Course!Press theBuy Nowbutton on the side, and comejoin the Community!- Patricia Caldeira