How to Find Hope in Life


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This is anabbreviated version ofthe Academy of Powerful Caregivers.We will lookattwo lessons from the eleven lesson course:How to Trust in the Goodness of Godand How to Trust in theGoodness of Man.These are foundational for youas a powerful caregiverbecause you need them both inorder to bring effective change intoothers. The one is that when you dealwith other people and you see the evilsof this world or the evil that’s in them,you need to hold on to the goodness of God that He wants what’s best for them.And, that the goodness that’s in Himwants to bring change in their liveseven more than you do and that He canbring change and that there’s alwayshope because you have God.And, then withthe goodness of man that that you arecalling them to something that is notsomething you’re adding into them butsomething God has already placed in therethat they don’t know how to tap into. And,you’re helping them to tap into thegoodness of God’s put in them.There is hope and life and goodness in this world.So, we just look forward to you joining with us in this next few lessons to help youlearn how to trust in the goodness of Godand how to trust in the goodness of man.And so you may have a hope and joy butthat you also may become a powerful caregiver.