How to Get a Raise so your boss is excited about paying you more is a practical, nuts and bolts program you can apply today. Learn the fundamentals every boss wishes every team member knew. Apply your knowledge of those fundamentals to approaching your employer for more money, more flexibility and for promotions. Learn What to Include when you Set the Meeting.Learn the Two Key Points to Make in the Meeting.Learn the critical Follow-Up Strategy that Assures Success.Learn the most important skill that pays the highest income in business, and learn a unique, powerful approach to this subject that few ever even hear about.This course comes to you from a Master Instructor with experience as the one asking, as the one asked, as a trainer for the askers and as a trainer for owners and executives. When you've seen all sides… when you've been on all sides… the importance of a technique that builds relationship becomes clear.This program is easily understood by beginners. It is also a massive leap forward for those experienced at climbing the corporate ladder. Learn it today. Use it tomorrow. It's that clear.