How to Get Into Medical School – From a Current Med Student



Want to know how to get into medical school? Interested in acing the medical school interview? Want to learn more about the MCAT? Then this course is for you!This course is designed to make you very familiar with the application process and develop a personalized plan that will culminate in successful entry into medical school. Gaining admittance into medical school is a very competitive process and requires years of careful planning and execution. How to Get Into Medical School – provides students with:knowledge and advice on how to spend their time before, during, and after the application process. Tools to help pre med students succeedExperience logsYearly course plans for Bachelors studentsPrepare medical school interview questionsDetailed yearly checklistAnd much more!This course provides a unique perspective on the medical school process, as the creator is currently a medical student and just recently completed the application process. Most courses are designed by physicians or medical school admissions personnel. While their perspectives are worthwhile and valid, physicians have not gone through the application process in quite some time and admissions personnel may have never gone through the process. The value of the authors perspective is derived from his recent exposure to numerous medical schools application processes. He is able to provide a detailed and insightful take on the application process and what it takes to be successful because his experiences are still fresh in his memory. About the author: Ernie Morton is currently a medical student who had to learn much of the information regarding medical school admissions the hard way. As a pre-med student, Ernie struggled to find comprehensive and concise information regarding the application process. It is his goal to help pre-med students understand the medical school application process, make the most of their time during undergraduate years, and increase their chances for admittance. *A written form of this course is also available on Amazon or Apple Books: “A Med Student’s Guide to Getting In