Are you motivated? Would you like to be more motivated? In this unique program, motivational speaker and book author Shawn Doyle will show you exactly how to get and stay motivated. The innovative idea behind this program is that you take one module each day on a different motivational topic for 30 days. Why? We believe that motivation is not an event but a process. This content packed program includes videos, audios, tips, tools and checklists to help you take an introspective look at every area of your life, including some information and ideas that you will learn about that you never knew or heard of before. In one short month you will look at each area that has an impact on your motivation and on your life. Get ready to build the life of your dreams and maximize your true potential! This program includes many topics including: – The importance of passion – How to set goals effectively – Managing life stress – Having a healthy social life – How habits are the foundation of success – Creating your own environment – Resources to help you get and stay motivated – What is work and how does it affect your life? – Expanding your expectations – The power of purpose – Having a vision board and why it matters – Understanding the law of attraction – How to flatten fear – Knowing how a mentor can change your life – Dealing with distractions – Dealing with adversity and how to snap back – Practicing long term thinking So are you ready to be motivated, inspired, fired up and ready to live the best life possible? To really finally and totally live life to the fullest? Want to make all your dreams come true? Want to get the tools and techniques and resources you need to be motivated? This program is the one you must take!