How to Get Published in Major Publications



The Problem and Why You Should Take This CourseWhen I first started my business, I wasted months (and thousands of dollars) on PR that generated lackluster results from infrequent features on TV and in publications. Despite my efforts (and spending), I became very frustrated because:I was NOT building any real credibility in my industryI was NOT gaining significant exposure for myself or my businessI was NOT attracting new, high-quality clientsAfter months of disappointment, I decided to take things into my own hands. The recipe I have developed has gotten countless writings published in major publications, amassing over 20,000,000 readers in the process. I have established myself as a thought leader, a trusted source of knowledge in my industry, and new, high-quality potential clients are waiting for me in my inbox every morning.I want to make sure nobody else ever has to waste their time or money on PR that doesn’t work.Since launch,How to Get Published in Major Publicationshas helped hundreds of students around the world get published and generateREALresults.