Welcome to Get The Deals Now. This course is designed to teach you how to acquire heavily discounted houses as quickly as possible. Hence, the name Get The Deals Now. My name is Tyrus Gross and Ive been buying and selling houses for over 27 years. I started investing in real estate in Los Angeles, CA in 1989. The first lecture briefly provides my background and discusses some of the struggles I encountered in the early years. It also teaches you how to avoid the same mistakes that I went through. The course quickly moves on to teach you how to quickly find and buy wholesale houses from wholesalers wanting to assign their contracts to you. Therefore, helping you to avoid many of the headaches and stress related to trying to find the houses yourself. In other words, this course is truly a shortcut to dramatically decrease your learning curve and catapult you to success as quickly as possible. At the end of this course, students will be able to easily find houses with a lot of equity in seven days or less. They will also be able to find private lenders to fund their deals and learn how to sell their houses quickly. This course is for both the beginning real estate investor and for the experienced investor looking to take their business to the next level. The course is divided into five sections 1) Buying Houses From Wholesalers, 2) Funding Your Deals, 3) Auctions To Sell Your Property, 4) Bonus: Land Trust and 5) Forms. The first section gives you several ways to find wholesalers very quickly and I also provided some current wholesaler websites you can access today. Buying Houses From Wholesalers is the first section of this course because I wanted you to be able to find deeply discounted houses quickly and avoid wasting many months trying to find these deals yourself. The second section teaches you how to find Private Lenders that can quickly fund your deals (these are not your conventional banks) that you buy from wholesalers this includes the name and website of a company that is actively funding several deals each month right now. Auctions To Sell Your Property is one of the fastest ways to sell your house and speaks for itself. The Land Trust section is truly a bonus from me to you and was created by an experienced real estate attorney to protect your real estate assets against lawsuits. I spent well over $1,000 to have them produced and is absolutely essential if you are not going to sell your houses quickly. If youre going to hold on to them as rental properties, these documents are extremely important. You will receive the fill-in-the-blank version as well as the full instructions on how to fill the blanks in yourself. The last section is Forms. You will find all the forms mentioned in previous sections here. The appropriate form is also attached as a resource to its related lecture.