You’ve delivered a product or service, you have sent your invoice, and now you are waiting for your customer to pay.But all too often, you are left waiting and end up having to chase your money long after the payment is due.In this course, you will learn how to avoid invoices ever becoming overdue. It is:Easy to follow – no accounting experience requiredActionable – you can start getting your invoices paid on time virtually straight away, and see a marked improvement in your receivables in 100 daysMarket-proven – we have packed 30+ years of management consulting experience into an online course. If you follow the steps we provide, your customers will pay you faster. Period.As a result of this course, you will:Collect your invoices fasterReduce the time, money and effort required in chasing for late payments, andBuild better relationships with your customersPS:This course does not encourage students to borrow money or factor invoices. Quite the contrary: it’s all about helping you get paid faster, so you do not need to borrow more, or discount existing services.