How to Get your Music Licensed



What isMusic Licensingand how you use it? In this course composer/sound designer Gary Hiebner will guide you through the interesting world of Music Licensing and how it can benefit you as a musician. In this modern day world of music making,multiple revenue streamsis the true way to go to be successful as an artist. And Music Licensing is a great way to take the music you already have and see if it can be used in other projects and media.Wewill cover the differentterms usedin this field so you become familiar with how it works. Then we will explore thestock library platformsand how you can submit music to them. With these platformstitles, tags and keywordsare of the utmost importance for generating sales. Well guide you on best practices for these and how they work.Then well move onto how to take these same principles to build up yourmusic portfolio. And finally well give you advice on how you can contactmusic librariesdirect to show them your music.Course Content includes:What is Music Licensing?Terms used in this FieldStock Libraries AvailableTypes of music you can submitHow to Upload songs, with titles, keywords and tagsPromoting your musicContacting Music LibrariesAnd Building up your Music PortfolioWhat You’ll Get From ThisCourse:A Guide on how Music Licensing works and which avenues you can go downExploring the Stock Library platformsHow to build up your music portfolio for these librariesHow to promote yourself and contact Music LibrariesCourse Goals:At the end of this course youll have a good understanding of how music licensing works, and why it is a beneficial path for you to go down as a musician, and a way to generate extra revenue for your musical journey.This class is geared towards musicians who want to explore extra ways of generating money for their music. This will help you along your musical path, and ensure your success as a musician.