How to Help your Child become a Maths Genius



How children develop mathematical understanding during the early years is very important.Brain develops very rapidly in Early Childhood and Children are naturally interested in the Mathematical patterns around them.If you could build a strong base on the 10 essential Mathematical concepts in your child, you could make him/her a MATHS GENIOUS. Exposure to early Maths is very important as it sets them on a path towards intelligence and confidence in later life. Early exposure to math will make your childs comfortable with Maths skills. Also, opportunities to practice these skills will increase your childs confidence making him or her a true genius. If your child does not become comfortable with maths concepts at a young age, she will lack confidence in her abilities and may struggle as more advanced math concepts are introduced at school.The methods taught here are proved, result oriented onesContentsAll the 10 essential Mathematical Concepts are covered.Tips and Techniques to Make Maths fun and interesting.Evaluation Methods.Downloadable samples of Lesson plan, evaluation sheet, and summary of the course.The course contains more than 90% of video content.Video Lessons are taught in easy to understand interactive way