A productivity skills course (part of the Advanced Management Skills Training) by one of the top rated instructors!Many of the companies for whom I have consulted, had been using the incorrect formula for measuring their so-called “blue-collar workers” productivity. Obviously, when it came to attempts to improve the productivity of the company, many areas were not considered as they were not part of the correct formula. Knowing the formula will give you more areas to consider when focusing on productivity improvement.In this course you will learn how to manage productivity and effectively and efficiently increase productivity in your team. This is a skills based training course that will give you the necessary tools and skills to increase productivity.Specifically, the benefits of this online business course include:1. Identify where losses can occur2. Know the four situations where improvement can be made3. Have a time-saving but comprehensive check list to ensure all bases are covered when looking at weaknesses/strengths when analyzing factors effecting performance.4. Have a project where you utilize a structured method to analyze your work area using your checklist.5. This method will ensure that you display participative management which will increase the commitment of your team.The key course objectives: What is meant by Productivity? What is meant by Productivity Improvements? The Performance Management Model. How to analyze your own work area to improve productivity.Productivity, like my other online business courses Leadership, Time Management, Delegation, Performance-Problem Analysis, and to come, Decision Making, Organization Structures, and Planning and Control are all key parts/modules in my Advanced Management Skills Course. This Advanced Management Skills Course, developed, researched, run and updated on a regular basis, has been run for over 45 years at hundreds of companies, by many different trainers that I have taught, to thousands of students internationally and is still very much in high demand. Due to continued requests, I am now offering my courses online.