This is the Ubuntu Desktop installation walkthrough course.This course is designed for:novices and beginnersLearners who would like to know what it takes to install the Ubuntu Desktop operating systemLearners interested in an opportunity to experience the world of Linux and Ubuntu DesktopStudents will also be shown how to install Java into the Ubuntu Desktop and download and run a Java game known as Minecraft.This course introduces users to:A high level view of the Ubuntu Linux Desktop operating systemA review of features and providing helpful links for any problems you experience or getting additional helpHow and what to download for the Ubuntu softwareA screen step by step walkthrough of a basic deployment of the Ubuntu Desktop to a computer (also works on a virtual machine)A basic introduction of the operating system programsSteps to keep your Ubuntu Desktop up to date.At the end of the course, a document containing all of the links and commands are attached to the lectureIf you view this course from end to end, it will take you about 45 minutes. If you are following along as you download your Ubuntu desktop, write it to DVD, install your Linux Ubuntu Desktop, do your updates, Java, and so on, it can take up to 3 hours depending on the speed of your hardware and your ability to navigate around the operating system and type commands.This course has been designed so that you can follow along step by step in your own Ubuntu desktop installation scenario.You should take this course if you have never worked with Ubuntu Linux Desktop and are looking to start but aren't sure what to download or how to answer the questions asked during the installation process. You will also benefit from instructions for installing Java and keeping your Ubuntu Desktop up to date through official software patches.