You want to own your ownbusiness but don’t know where to start?Or maybe you are worried about the risk of failure?Or maybe you’re not sure how to turn your idea into sales?LAUNCHABUSINESSIN30 DAYS-NOEXPERIENCEORINVESTMENT NEEDED!In this course, building on my 20 years of business experience, the last 10 of which have been mentoring, advising and investing in entrepreneurs and their startups, I’ll teach you a proven method to launch your business with the minimum amount of risk, time and money.WHATYOU’LLLEARNINTHISCOURSEI’ll teach you:How to choose the right idea to build your business onHow to build and launch a product that customers will loveHow to market your business and get paying customersYou’ll learn concepts that will accelerate you up the learning curve and help you avoid mistakes that can be fatal to any new business:How to useIdea ValidationHow to developMinimum Viable ProductHow to build a Marketing FunnelWHATYOU’LLBEABLETODOAFTERCOMPLETINGTHECOURSETake a business from idea to sales within 30 daysHave the confidence to know which idea to launch and what to ignoreKnow where to focus your energy in the first 4 weeks of launching a businessRemove the distractions that hold you back when starting a businessBuild a product that your customers will loveCreate a Marketing Funnel that allows you to automate the heavy lifting of winning customers for your businessSet up a business that produces cash without the need for external loans or investmentWin your first customerWHATIDON’TTEACHINTHISCOURSE(BECAUSEYOUWON’TNEEDTHEM)Anything to do with borrowing money or raising investment How to code or build appsHow to form / incorporatea company or open a bank account or anything to do with lawyers andaccountants