How to Make 6 Piece Dress without Patterns – Freehand Sewing



Do you want to make a 6 piece dress, but don’t have or understand commercial patterns? No problem. This course teaches you how to:- take measurements you need to make a 6-piece dress- mark your fabric using the measurements you took- cut and sew a 6 piece dressYou’ll learn how to calculate what to mark on your fabric, based on the measurements you took, in a simple but detailed way.To get started, here are the knowledge and tools you need:- Be able to make basic straight stitches with a sewing machine- Be able to use and read a tape measure- Have the tools needed which include scissors, fabric marker or chalk, tape measure, and rulerBeginners can take this course if they carefully follow the instruction. All other levels that desire to learn to make a 6-piece dress without patterns (freehand fashion) will benefit too.Happy learning!