How to Make a Podcast with Garageband



In this How to Create a Podcast with Garagebandcourse, I show you exactly how to record your podcast in Garageband, export your episodes as MP3's and publish your podcast to WordPress and iTunes. This is great because listeners may now listen to your podcast on your WordPress blog and subscribe to your podcast on iTunes. The lectures are recorded with professional video screen capture software, so it feels like you're sitting right next to me. Customers have responded very well to this over the years. First, you'll learn how to use Garageband to make your recordings. I'll show you how to edit your file, apply various equalizer settings, and trim your recording. Then we'll add a musical introduction to the recording and save it as an MP3. Next you'll learn how to install WordPress, setup WordPress for podcasting, upload your podcast and submit it to iTunes so others may enjoy! Take this course right now and learn how to create a podcast with Garageband.