In this course I will take you step by step along the process of creating an animated promo for a project in a real world scenario for a client from scratch. If you are interested in learn how to create a professional, good looking and fluid animation for a promotional video for a client request or maybe your own portfolio, or even if you are planing to increase your animation skills based on a real life project then this course is for you!This course will be detailed and it will cover lots of techniques to create the final piece. I won’t hide you nothing from the real work behind the whole process, you will see and understand the entire process to follow along! We will begin from scratch to teach you how:Analize the provided script to create transitions from itTransform the script into sketchesThinking in transitions for the animationSet a color palette and how to use it inside AECreate a Common media folder to organize assets (ninja tip)Vectorize Assets using illustrator (not an illustrator course, but an overview)Prepare your assets for animationsImporting and organizing assets into After EffectsUsing cinema 4D to create cartoon sketch styleIntegrating Cinema 4D with AE using Cineware to mix 3D and 2DAnimating in sync with the voice over and more!