Design is about relationships, and ahealthy relationshipisvaluable, balanced, emotional, & satisfying.The Ladder of Sustainable Engagement is a framework for crafting products and services that provide meaningful value, have a balanced rhythm, embody an emotional personality, and endure over time. It’s basicallymydesign playbook, developed over 16 years of UXwork with different clients and Philips Design.This course is a series of video lectures and practical exercises. You can download free design tools for the exercises, and I’m happy to provide feedback on your work as you go! In this course,wetouch uponhow Lean Startup and Value Proposition Creation keep your products meaningful.We’ll coverhow tools like Nir Eyal’s HOOK Model help products fit with the psychology of people’s habits.We learn how to give your products personality using emotional data visualization and design empathy.And we’ll discover how storytelling and UX research help you build long-lasting, valuable relationships with your customers.