How to make tassel earrings



Tassels are everywhere this season! Would you like to get a pair of tassel earrings but don’t want to pay $25 or more at boutiques? Do you want to cash in on the tassel craze and make these cute earrings for less than $1 and sell them for far more?We just moved into a home without any storage, so my husbandhas tasked me with clearing out my treasures. What better way than to show youhow to make beautiful and practical jewelry? In this tutorial, you will learnhow to make tassel earrings using ribbon, twine, or yarn. These appear visuallybulky, but are as light as a feather to wear on your earlobes. You can alsoremove the earwire and use the tutorial to design a pendant. It only takes afew supplies, and the findings cost less than $1. Ive seen similar earringsselling for over $25! I will also teach you how to make seed bead tassel earrings for around $3. These often sell for up to $40, based on my search on Google.Once you learn the basics, you can make these earrings in 5 or so minutes.All of my courses come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Now let’s get started.