How to Market Jewelry at Craft Shows



Craft fairs are a great platform where jewelry can be showcased and it serves the dual purpose of not only exhibiting your artistic abilities but also allows you to make money at your craft. Craft fairs are also great sources of being able to build a database of jewelry enthusiasts to whom you can directly market your future designs and marketing campaigns. These are also great platforms where you can get to know of the feedback of the customers based on which the designs can be fine tuned in the future. By no means do I suggest that you completely abandon your unique designs! Instead, I recommend that you listen to the customer at a specific craft fair and supplement your offering with items that this customer would like. For example, if the customers attending a craft fair in a specific market tends to trend young, you may want to add some charm jewelry with cats, dolphins, and the like. But having said all these it is important to remember that both sales and publicity of the jewelry will be possible only once people come to the stall or tables of the designer. In most cases, community craft fairs consist of basic booths with tablecloths haphazardly tossed over 6 foot tables. Certainly, you can do better than that! Considering the craft fair hosts multiple other people often selling similar items, it is important to ensure that your booth is attractive enough for people to stop, try on , and pick up your jewelry. This book is created to help you become a successful at a craft fair. The classes will uncover how to choose shows based on cost and popularity; packaging, displaying, and creating signage for your area. The book will also include photos that show examples of good and bad techniques. This course has a full 30-day guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, Udemy will refund the full cost of the course. So, please enroll today. You have nothing to lose, and a new skill to gain!