How To Meditate: Transcendental Theory & Guided Meditations



LEARN TO MEDITATE, REDUCE STRESS AND EXPERIENCE INNERPEACE: 22 VIDEOS WITH TRANSCENDENTAL LESSONS & GUIDED MEDITATIONS FOR BEGINNERS!If stress has you anxious, tense and worried, consider tryingmeditation. Whether you are a newbie wanting to learn its basic principles oran experienced practitioner, the transcendental lessons and guided meditationscontained in this revealing course will help you experience increasing levelsof wellbeing and inner peace with only a few minutes of daily practice;improving your physical, mental, and spiritual life, and allowing you to reducestress and anxiety, enjoy mental calmness, and view life from a newperspective.THIS COURSE INCLUDES:*A total of twenty-two exclusive videos, includingseven transcendental lessons, seven instructive sessions, seven guided practices, plus a general introduction.*Downloadable guided meditation practices for your convenience.*Answers to your personal meditation doubts andquestions.*Lifetime access to all the lectures and courseresources.*Official Udemy certificate upon completion.BENEFITS OF MEDITATION PRACTICEMeditation is one of the worlds oldest spiritual practices and itsbenefits have been ratified by contemporary science, as stated by the TheWashington Post (10/04/2012): In recentyears, the wisdom of these ancient teachings has been confirmed by scientificstudies, which demonstrate that we can train our minds, change our brains,increase our well-being, and radically lessen such afflictive states of mind asanxiety and depression Other studies have shown that meditation may lower bloodpressure, slow the progression of HIV, reduce pain help break addictions, andeven ward off the effects of agingAccording to a recent Mayo Clinic Report, meditation can wipe away the day’s stress, bringing with it innerpeace Spending even a few minutes in meditation can restore your calm andinner peace Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance thatbenefits both your emotional well-being and your overall health. And thesebenefits don’t end when your meditation session ends. Meditation can help carryyou more calmly through your day and may improve certain medical conditionsThe Mayo Clinic Report states that meditation can improve certain medicalconditions, especially those that may be worsened by stress, mentioning the following emotional benefits of meditation:*Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations.*Building skills to manage your stress.*Increasing self-awareness.*Focusing on the present moment (mindfulness).*Reducing negative emotions, anxiety and depression.Regarding the effects of meditation on the process of aging, according to an independentstudy published in 2012, scientists at the University of California at LosAngeles, including the 2009 Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn found that12 minutes of daily meditation for eight weeks increased an improvement of upto 43 percent in stress-induced aging.Start meditating today and experience the benefits ofone of the worlds most ancient practices!