How To Overcome Objections And Make The Sale


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Course Updated 8/21/15: 7 Students With An Average Review of FIVE Stars!Whatever it is you’re selling, 80% or more of total revenue will only come in after your prospect has said No a few times, and you’ve changed their mind and convinced them to BUY instead. So, if you don’t know how to do that, you are literally leaving MOST of your money on the table, which you can EASILY pocket instead (when you arm yourself with the right tools and a solid game plan). This course will teach you a simple, repeatable 5-Step objection cycle to hit your quota FASTER, make more MONEY, get PROMOTED, and turn “NO” into “YES!” I have used this EXACT structure to get literally HUNDREDS of strangers to give me their credit card information in malls, on campuses or knocking on their door, pulling in tons of money for the companies I’ve worked for and always at the top of the team. Take this course and I will show you exactly how you can start to be a closing champion TODAY!Note: This course will only be available for $27 until 9/15/15, after which the price is going up to $47 so grab it NOW for 42% off!