Ever hear the saying "Don't work with kids and animals"?There is a reason for that saying, because when you first attempt to work with kids, they can be very difficult to photograph. They never sit still, don't want to do what you suggest, have temper tantrums and how do you get them to smile properly – not that fake smile?Photographing Kids can be FrustratingAre you frustrated with the average-looking kids photos you are getting with you digital SLR camera? Do you have problems controlling kids, getting them to do what you want & keeping their attention throughout photo shoot? "Where is the best place to shoot kids, what camera settings are best & how do I edit these images so that they look awesome?" If you have ever asked any of these questions then this Kids Photography: Mastering Photography for Kids course is definitely for you.</p> Brent will teach you how to photograph kids in a natural & fun way – creating the most amazing, visually stunning images every single time. His portrait photography business depends on capturing great images of kids on every shoot. Brents' Unique Photography SystemCome along with him on real photo shoots where he shows you what works and what doesn't when it comes to photographing children. Use his unique system to create a playful environment where it's really easy to capture great child photos. Short & Sweet Videos LessonsIncluded are 23 short videos (average length 4-5 minutes), quiz's and original images that you can edit step by step with Brent. Easy Self-Paced LearningTake this Kids Photography: Mastering Photography for Kids course at your own pace, come back and re-watch sections if you like, or watch the entire course in one-go. It's recommended that you watch one section at a time and then go out and practice what you have learned.</p> If you have ever wanted to know the secrets to capturing amazing kids images, then this course is for you. Brent reveals all of his techniques here – nothing has been left out. Recommend taking his Essential Photography Skills Course (Introduction to digital SLR photography) before taking this course, unless you already know the basics of how your camera works. Who is Brent?Brent is an award winning photographer who runs a very successful portrait photography studio near the beach in Australia, that focus's on kids & family photography.Take this ultimate Photography for Kids course right now and master your Kids Photography skills.</p>