How to play Djembe, Drums & Rhythm. Level 2



Learn to play hand-drum or Djembe with Joy, Passion, and Confidence.This course contents over 36 lectures and 2 hours of content. You will learn lots of drumming patterns and phrases. I have designed this course for anyone, regardless of experience, who wish to improve and learn more, new ways of drumming. If you want to learn to play powerful rhythms in a way that’s easy on your hands, this course is for you.These lessons have been very well received by people all over the world and are recommended to you who will like to be free and joyfully expand your drum vocabulary.This teaching method, Zikalo Method, works like “magic” Zikalo Method is about developing a playful relationship with music, drum and rhythm. Soon you will want to improvise and interact, using these new skills.You can use any hand-drum and take this course. I will be teaching you, using the Vest African drum, the Djembe. West African drumming has become a kind of universal language around the world. Originating in Guinea and neighboring countries of the former Mali empire, the rhythms of the Djembe (jembe) can now be heard everywhere.If you travel with a Djembe you will find others to jam with, and sharing drum rhythms will lead quickly to new friendships. Taking this course will open ways for you to perform with other drummers, to teach drum lessons, to drum for dance classes, and to sit in with bands of many kinds needing hand drums and percussion.Please enjoy!