Discover the remarkable power of Archetypes to tackle your greatest challenges in life by building more of the character you most need.Building on the foundations of Course 101, this unique, practical teaching will show you exactly how to develop character traits essential to your success in life. Learn through hours of Video teaching, downloadable audios and practical assignments that ensure you really take on board the lessons and apply what you’ve learned until it becomes a way of life.Archetypes represent the most fundamental characters that you will instantlyrecognise – not only in the world at large but also *within you*.Assessing their unique focus, their values andperspectives, will cause you toThis course will guide you through a simple, yet powerful process that helps you assess where you’re at in any area of your life and exactly where you need to grow in order to achieve what you most desire.Then you will be provided with the specific tools;the knowledge andmethods you need, to build new, empowering character traits into your life so that you achieve more – by becoming more.This approach to personal transformation using Archetypes has been acclaimed by internationally known authors andpersonal development expertssuch as Brian Tracy andMarcia Reynolds, as well as business leaders,former members ofthe BritishSpecial Forces, Naval Top Gun pilots and Master Coaches across the globe,Discover for yourself just how significant your own life can change when you apply the principles this course will now teach you.