How To Promote Your Book!



Master PR techniques to promote your own books.If you’re and independent writer this courseempowersyouto become your own PR! This course will guideyouthrough the process of devisingyour personalised campaign, alongwith comprehensive information regardingresearch, targeting the audience, creating your key message, as well as writinga press release and reaching your media contacts.This course focuses on traditional media where it is possible to obtain that all important third-party validation! As per a traditionally published writers. Once obtained, that can be shared on your social media platforms, strengthening your brand and persuading others to buy your book and build your profile in the process.This course, broken down into 10 easy to understand lectures with more than one hour ofsupporting video content, will help you understand and create your campaign. You can study at your own pace and revisit each lecture in your own time and get feedback.You will then have the confidence to follow up your media contacts and generate cost-freemedia coverage for you and your book and gainimproved sales.