This course is a safe, supportive space for students tolearn about chakra clearing. Students will learn how to identify blocks that have been holding them back, and then how to gently and lovingly release those blocks with chakra clearing. Releasing your blocks allows balanced, aligned, and healthy energy to flow through your chakras.Learn about chakras and their role in the flow of energy through your body.Learn where energy blocks come from, and how they affect us.Discover your own energy blocks.Learn about meridian tapping, and use it to release your blocks in each chakraWhatever has been holding you back or going wrong in your life can start going right, today, with chakra clearing. You will learn strategies to identify and release blocks in your chakras, and can begin using them the same day you sign up for the course. That means you can shift your energy and your life today. And you can continue using these easy strategies long after you’ve completed the course. The study of the human energy field dates back to ancient eastern tradition and philosophy. Now more than ever, we find ourselves drawn towards this way of understanding because we can see the value in treating ourselves as the holistic trifecta of mind, body, and soul. Once you begin learning about chakras and energy blocks, you will better understand how to deal with the obstacles in your life. It could be unhealthy patterns in your love life, downward spirals in your physical or mental health, discontent with your career, or a general lack of passion for life. Knowledge of energy blocks and chakra clearing gives you one more tool to take on and overcome whatever has been getting in your way.I cover this content in a very laid-back, easy-to-understand way. This course is all about you, and honoring your journey. It takes courage to look within, and I’m here to support and celebrate you along the way. When you have completed this course, you will understand the flow of energy through your chakras and have the tools to discover and release the blocks in your own energy. But more importantly, you will have the power to change your life, the power to release whatever has been holding you back, and the freedom to be your true self and to receive all of life’s blessings.