We’re here to teach you the fundamentals to get started rock climbing!By the end of this course youll have the tools and knowledge to safely get outdoors and begin sport climbing – climbing single-pitch routes with pre-existing bolts.We’ll share what it takes to experiencethe exhilaration of climbing with an incredible landscape below you, regardless of age, gender or body type. You’ll learn how to get started, select the proper gear, and the proper skills and technique to do it safely and have fun!Audrey Sniezek, professional rock climber and sponsored athlete, brings her 20 years of experience to bring you expert guidance. She has climbed throughout the United States, Argentina, Europe, China and Vietnam.This class provides comprehensive, easy to follow videos on the following topics:Selecting the proper gearKnots and Safety FundamentalsHow to safely climb, belay and communicate with your climbing partnerTop-Rope,lead climbing, and fallingClimbing technique and drillsAdvanced Tips &TricksCome join us and let’s get started!