How To Sell Personal Training



Learn the exact steps to finding profitable, long-term clients (minus the old-school, sleazy sales tactics).It’s a sad fact that 90% of personal trainers leave the industry within their first year. Manystruggle to get enough clientsto earn a decent wage, and quickly become disillusioned with their dream career.That’s why we created theHow To Sell Personal Trainingonline course. It’ll teach you how to get more clients and increase your income, in just 8 modules.Whether you’re a newly qualified PT, or veteran trainer, ‘selling’ can be the most daunting and confusing aspect of the job. We break it down intosimple, actionable steps, and remove the ‘hard sell’ aspect.This course is 10+ years of fitness sales and marketing knowledge, condensed into 8 modules. It contains all the info we wish wed known when first starting out, including;Why You AreCut Out For Selling (Even If You Think You Aren’t)Essential Selling Skills For The Ethical Fitness ProProfitable Pricing StrategiesIdentifying Your Ideal ClientEstablishing A Client BaseNetworking & How To Approach People In The GymCreating Effective TestimonialsClosing The Sale & Handling ObjectionsInterested? Then check out thepromovideoto learn more or enroll now…