The Global Business Outsource Processing industry is experiencing tremendous growth. Due to global economic conditions,  many companies have chosen to outsource tasks and operations to remain competitive in the global marketplace. For some startup individual entrepreneurs it is still a new challenge- outsourcing overseas. In this course we shall focus on how to smartoutsource your virtual assistant from the Philippines.  Why the Philippines? The Philippines has become a top outsourcing destination by hundreds of global companies for virtual assistants for many good reasons such as: low labor hourly rates, english proficient workforce with neutral accent, western culture affinitity and the filipino people's dedication to work , flexibility to adapt to other cultures and work conditions- all combine to ideals of a great team collaborator.  The following were the top 10 Philippine global business outsourcing companies in 2010 that earned millions in dollar revenues : Accenture, Convergys, Teletech Customer Care, JP MOrgan Chase Bank, Stream International Global Services, Aegis People Support, Sykes Asia, Sitel ,Telephilippines, Telus . Also in 2011 , the Philippine BPO industry  earned 11 billion US dollars. If you are a startup entrepreneur you too can take advantage of the same opportunities these big companies have chosen through outsourcing .   Here are the main course topics we shall be covering to help you. 1.What is outsourcing? what is offshoring? 2. What is a virtual assistant? 3.The five reasons  why you should outsource ? 4. The Factors and events  that led to global outsourcing 5. Rise of Philippine business outsource processing – number one in voice , number two in non-voice-  a 25 US billion dollar industry in the Philippines  by 2016 6. Types of virtual assistants you can hire 7. Where and how to find your virtual assistants fast in the Philippines 8. Guide to interviewing and training your Philippine virtual assistant9. Do you choose a company, agency or hire direct?