Your complete guide to start selling WHOLESALE products on Amazon in 2018.Have you tried creating a private label product that ultimately failed in the end or became over saturated?Have you tried going from store to store searching for discounted products to resell at a profit on Amazon but become frustrated on the amount of time it takes?Yeah, me too.What if you could sell products that were already selling well and be able to have a replenish-ablesupply of those products every month? Sounds pretty good right?That’s where the wholesale model comes in. Now, this is not just buying from “distributors” or “wholesalers”, no. We’re taking about going direct to the source and cutting out the middle-man. What you’ll learn:How to source for potential wholesale products and what to look for.How to contact these brands.How to stand out from your competitors.ADDED BONUS:How to write and optimize a great listing.Using Amazon sponsored products to drive more sales.This course is a step-by-step guide in sourcing and selling wholesale products on Amazon in 2018. The only model that allows you to source the same products month after month and build a real scaleable business on Amazon.