How To Start a Profitable & Successful Website in 12 Steps



This course is about how to start a profitable and successful internet business. This course allows the students to learn the basics of creating a website, buying a domain name, getting it hosted and start selling their products online. The course consist of 12 main chapters. This basic course goes step by step from A to Z to ensure the students get the fundamental idea of how a internet business will be. There will be video tutorials, checklist and templates to help the students learn all the steps easily and to help them keep track of their progress.Approximately the course will take about 3 days or less to complete. It depends on the speed of the students too, if they a re a fast learner, maybe it can be completed in 2 days. The course is structured in a very simple manner so that it will be very easy to learn. Students should take this course because it give them the knowledge and capability of creating and online income source in just three days.