Have you ever wanted to start your own technology company? But you had no idea where to start? Maybe you are from a software engineering background and have no idea what to do next. No problem!Course ContentThe course is structured as follows:Basics of Business ManagementIdea InceptionFunding your businessCalculating InvestmentSetting up a businessStart a Tech company is a first in a 6-part course developed for the budding entrepreneur!Easy language, basic concepts and clear concepts.The instructorsareavailable for any questions and discussions on a daily basis! TAKE ACTION TODAY! We will personally support you and ensure your experience with this course is a success.And for any reason you are unhappy with this course, Udemy has a 30 day Money Back Refund Policy, So no questions asked, no quibble and no Risk to you. You got nothing to lose. Click that enroll button and we’ll see you in side the course.