How To Start & Sell A Clothing Line: Your Complete Guide is here to give you the freedom to pursue your passion! Learn all of the steps involved in developing your idea into a fashion collection!If you want to design your life (and clothes!) by becoming a fashion entrepreneur, then this course is FOR YOU.This course is a compilation of my many years spent working in the fashion industry. I have taught hundreds of emerging designers the ins and outs of creating a fashion business by opening the door to the sacred world of fashion. Through my experience and strong desire to share my knowledge with as many people as possible,I have designed this course for people who are love fashion and want to take their love to the next step by turning their passion into a career! Breaking into the fashion world is not easy, but I believe that it is very doable for the right person with a glowing amount of imagination and motivation! I teach all of the concepts within this course by Skype, at my office in Downtown Los Angeles, and now on Udemy!Get ready to learn…how to launch a fashion business from scratchthe backstage of the fashion industryhow to create a fashion project in 7 stepshow to sell your fashion project in creative wayshow to take your career to the next levelhow to present a full fashion project to investorsIf you have any questions, ask them in the Q&A section. We are here to answer them!Are you ready to climb the steps to success?Here we go!