How To Start Your Own Successful Spray Tanning Business


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This course ‘how to start your own successful spray tanning business’is an easy to follow video course with each video ranging from 2 minutes to 13 minutes. The videos are made up of presentation slides withmyselfdoing the voice-over in a clear, easy to understand voice. Some videos have a quiz at the end to test your knowledge. In this course I go through everything you need to make your sunlesstanning business a success. Ranging from what equipment you will need, working out profit margins to finding customers and much much more. The total course is around 1 hour long and you can go steadily at your own pace and complete it in as quick or as long a time as you require. Once you have completed the course you will have all the knowledge required to start your own airbrushtanning business and will feel confident in doing so. Please note, I do not teach you how to do a spray tan as you will need to complete a spray tanning course for that, but instead I teach you what you need to doget started in your successful spray tanningbusiness.